2015 Volkswagen Golf VII GTI Review and Price

2015 Volkswagen Golf VII GTI

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The 2015 Volkswagen Golf VII GTI, is the automobile equivalent of airline-pilot intercom babble. We’re looking at some alternate landing choices. We’ll upgrade you when we have even more details,” and you ‘d barely look up from the SkyMall magazine.

This latest 2015 Volkswagen Golf VII GTI, which does not go on sale in the U.S. till the first half of 2014, is similarly unflappable. Misjudge a decreasing-radius turn? No concerns, the GTI has front-end grip for days, and the tail stays grown. And ought to you have truly overcooked it, there’s a stability-control system that you cannot completely turn off anyhow. Stab your big dumb right foot into the accelerator too strongly on edge exit? No sweat. A trick optional electronically controlled, multiplate, limited-slip differential goes to work, leading the GTI’s faceted nose without disturbing the power distribution. It is a model of decorum.

Der neue Volkswagen Golf GTI

With the GTI’s fast, brand-new modern steering rack (2.1 turns lock-to-lock), this vehicle never ever feels darty or unbalanced, even when pushed hard on the squirrelly hillside roadways in southern France where we checked European-market variations. Which fits you much better?

Part of the GTI’s security comes from its slightly bigger front track and a wheelbase 2.1 inches longer than the previous GTI’s, however it’s likewise merely the item of a business that values dynamic fidelity more than frivolity. And the company has actually done a tremendous job of making the GTI feel more grown and agile without sacrificing ride quality. In any of the three damper setups, the 2015 Volkswagen Golf VII GTI is smoother and more certified than the Focus ST and much more so than the Mazdaspeed 3.

2015 Volkswagen Golf VII GTI Exterior and Interior Design

Naturally, the bigger– but somewhat lighter– 2015 Volkswagen Golf VII GTI looks, at first blush, not that much changed from the sixth-generation automobile. It is significantly bigger- and lower-looking, however the fundamental shape takes a little time to expose its newness. Our gratitude for its fairly subtle design grew with familiarity. The GTI-specific body kit– a rear spoiler, unique lower front and rear fascias, and Audi R8– like horizontal strakes on the lower front corners– is tasteful. The conventional 18-inch Austin wheels are most likely the flashiest bits, and they aren’t really all that fancy.

The interior is similarly restrained, with upright and basic square forms and reasonable ergonomics. It gets the expected GTI telltales, consisting of standard plaid seats and the dimpled change knob, here provided as a golf prize with the ball resting atop some kind of split tee. The mix and fit of the products are exemplary.

2015 Volkswagen Golf VII GTI Interior

2015 Volkswagen Golf VII GTI Engine

The familiar 2.0-liter, direct-injection turbo four-cylinder, the so-called EA888, is in its 3rd generation already (if just VW had actually thought to coin the EcoBoost name all those years ago). The U.S. version of this torquey engine need to be ranked at 210 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. It feels every bit as strong to us as does the Ford Focus ST’s 252-hp mill, yet the 2015 Volkswagen Golf VII GTI doesn’t torque-steer like its competitors.

If you can wait even longer than the middle of next year, you’ll have the ability to option your GTI with a new Performance bundle that ratchets up peak horsepower by 10, includes larger front brake rotors (up an inch to 13.4 inches throughout), and consists of the limited-slip differential. That diff is a hydraulically actuated system, able to go from completely vulnerable to 100-percent lock, regulated online and tied into the vehicle’s computer system area network so it can factor the following into its thinking: wheel rates, automobile speed, yaw angle, lateral acceleration, engine torque, equipment selection, steering-wheel angle, accelerator-pedal position, and the brake-control system. In some way this works. VW has not priced the choice yet, but it will be a worthwhile addition if you happen to live near great driving roadways. The conventional automobile’s brake-based differential system (similar to the one in the Focus ST) works well enough, however we ‘d prefer not to have the car trigger a brake, even if only quickly, when the objective is to go.

2015 Volkswagen Golf VII GTI Rear

Both variations of the engine are provided with a six-speed manual or six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Volkswagen of America is even promising to provide summer season tires on the American-market vehicle, too.

2015 Volkswagen Golf VII GTI Price and Release Date

VW hasn’t revealed pricing on three- and five-door GTIs yet, however we anticipate there won’t be much of a price increase over the current automobile, which starts simply under $25,000. In the meantime, put your seatback up, and return your tray table to the locked position.

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